Function create

  • A function for creating a background changer (bRando instance) in the web browser environment. It accepts an Options object. A usage example can be found in the readme.


    Create a demo instance for testing or verifying correct installation by omitting the Options parameter.

    const demo = bRando.create(); // Selects the <body> element by default


    Returns bRando


    First Background

    Creating a background changer does not immediately change the background. Each selected element will first display whatever background is set by your CSS styles. Then, after the time set by the timeout option has elapsed, it will change the background.

    If you would like the background changer to immediately load the first background, call next right after creation.

    const bgChanger = bRando.create(options); // create a background changer; // immediately change to one of the backgrounds

    This will cause the background changer to load with one of the values set by the backgrounds option.

    Timing Values

    Never set the transition duration longer than the timeout.

    // DO NOT SET transition > timeout

    // Bad
    const options = {
    transition: "5000ms", // transition duration set to 5 seconds
    timeout: 3000, // time between backgrounds set to 3 seconds

    // Bad
    bgChanger.transition = "5000ms"; // transition duration set to 5 seconds
    bgChanger.timeout = 3000; // time between backgrounds set to 3 seconds

    If it is longer, the transition to a new background will not complete before the next background is set, causing background changes to glitch past animations.

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